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A fleet management solution that streamlines your operations and improve cost efficiency with the largest network of petrol stations across the nation.​

Why choose us?​
Easy tracking

Track your monthly expenses and access your latest account details with ease.

Flexible payment

Choose from multiple payment method for your convenience.

Interest-free credit

Enjoy 30 days interest-free credit (Subject to credit assessment).


Enjoy peace of mind with PETRONAS SmartPay's secured PIN number.

Enjoy fast-tracked micro credit limit when you sign up.*
Minimal documents submission required!
*Subject to credit assessment and eligibility.
Best in class fuel for your company and fleet

Easier with SmartPay Online​
Control and manage your accounts more efficiently in real-time with SmartPay Online. The features are as follows:​

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We are continuously improving to make your everyday life simpler and better.
PETRONAS SmartPay Fuel Cards​
  1. Free enrolment! No annual fees.
  2. Enjoy RM 6,000 fast-tracked micro credit limit when you sign up*. Minimal documents required.
  3. All fuel cards are available for postpaid & prepaid payment plans.
  4. All fuel cards are available for SmartPay Online Portal registration.

Diesel Subsidy Card

  • This card allows individuals or companies to purchase diesel at government-subsidised prices.
  • Please obtain the "Sistem Kawalan Diesel Bersubsidi (SKDS)" letter from the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living (KPDN).
Fleet Manager Card
  • The Fleet Manager Card is an individual card that can be used by any driver for any company vehicle.
  • This card is ideal for use by company to monitor total fuel costs of a particular fleet.
Individual Card
  • Single card that can be used by a driver for his/her designated vehicle only.
  • This card is ideal for use by companies with designated drivers and other private individuals.
Dual Card
  • Dual Card is a combination of two (2) cards known as (a) Driver Card and (b) Vehicle Card whereby both cards must be swiped together upon purchase at a station.
  • This card is ideal for use by companies which interchange driver and vehicles regularly, allowing companies to easily identify which fleet vehicle was used and by whom.
These payment methods applies to all cards for your convenience:
*Subject to credit assessment and eligibility.
Discover the ideal subsidised fuel card for you. Designed to support individuals or companies that aims to streamline and reduce operational costs!
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